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We invite you to join ITSS!

Even though the ITSS would like to enlarge its membership list, yet, strict criteria will be followed for the induction of members. ITSS may fix the maximum number of members in future if necessary.

Honorary Member:

Honorary members will be selected by Executive Council (EC) of ITSS. EC can also nominate individuals with outstanding contribution in field of Thermal Spray Technology from India or abroad each year. There will be no fee for Honorary Member. Nominations are invited through out the year and can be submitted in prescribed format to

Life Member:
One time Membership Fees only, no Annual Subscription. Minimum Qualification: Master degree with 2 years experience in Thermal Spray Engineering and Technology and research/development. Life Membership Fee: USD $ 100.

Student Member:
This membership will be awarded to students and renewed biannually. Student membership USD $ 20.

Organizational / Corporate Member:
Any organization actively involved in any Thermal Spray Engineering and Technology related development, Material, Product, Components, Devices can become an Organizational Member. Life Membership Fee: USD $ 800.

For membership please write us with 


Full Name, 

Type of Membership,

Email address, 


Job title, 

Company/University/research lab, 

Full Address, City and Country.  

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