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Manuscripts should be submitted online via Editorial and Manuscript Manager. Choose respective journal for submission. Journals don't have article submission charges; it is free of cost. 
Submit to Journal of Materials Science and Engineering (JMSSE) https://www.emmanager.in/jmsse
Submit to Journal of Thermal Spray and Engineering (JTSE) https://www.emmanager.in/jtse

Accepted File Formats: SINGLE MS Word file: Prepare your Manuscript in MS-Word template & must be checked according to author guidelines before submission. 

Plagiarism Checker We strongly recommends that before submission check your manuscript for Plagiarism. We take plagiarism seriously so please make sure that ALL citations are properly referenced. We will use computer software to compare your manuscript with the database of ALL manuscripts published from ALL publishers.

Please use any of the above sites to check your paper first and bring down your similarity to less than 10%. 
If there is any problem in online submission, send your manuscripts directly via email For JMSSE at submission@jmsse.in and cc to editor.jmsse@gmail.com ; 
For JTSE at editor@inscience.in and cc to editor.tse@gmail.com;
for any general query write to editor.jmsse@gmail.com or editor.tse@gmail.com