Journal of Thermal Spray and Engineering

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Editor-In-Chief: Dr. S. Tailor
Associate Editor: Dr. Sisir Mantry

JTSE is an international archival journal publishing scientific papers on thermal spray technology; Journal provides a platform for researchers to share their original and innovative findings, in addition to identifying methods of production and application that include, but are not limited to, HOVF, plasma spray, flame spray, wire arc spray, and cold spray, Powder technology, Gas flow, particle motion, and heat transfer, Stress and strain analysis, Coating deposition mechanism, Single particle deposition and solidification upon impact, Coating mechanical and thermal properties, Coating microstructures and phase transformation, Functional coatings, Torch design and optimization, New thermal spray technology, Robotic programming and kinematic analysis, Torch trajectory definition and optimization, Novel applications of thermal spray coating, Mathematical and theoretical analysis on related subjects, Finite Element Analysis on related subjects. JTSE Covers Review Articles, Research Articles, Letter To Editor, Conference & Book Review, Notes and Short Communications. All the published articles are available for Download for Free.


A Message to Our Readers, Authors, and Reviewers

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone’s daily lives and the global research community in unprecedented ways. Although some research activities are slowly resuming, many institutions remain closed, with researchers working from home under unusual circumstances. Our editorial teams also continue to work remotely.

Throughout these challenging times, we aim to support our scientific community in any way possible. Given the possible disruption of experimental work, we kindly ask our reviewers to bear in mind that some experiments may presently be hard to carry out. Now more than ever, it is important to mention clearly which suggestions you consider to be essential. We are aware that authors and reviewers are doing their best to revise and review manuscripts given these circumstances and should you need extra time, please contact the corresponding editorial office without hesitation.

Please accept the best wishes of our editorial teams for your ongoing health and wellbeing.

Aims and Scopes:

  • Provides Original Research, Review Articles And Rapid Communications In All Areas Of Thermal ;
  • Presents Conference And Symposia Proceedings Of Interest To Thermal Spraying;
  • Offers High Quality Articles, Published Rapidly After Acceptance.

  • Technical Areas Concerned With JTSE (But Are By No Means Limited To):

    The objective of this Journal is to provide contributions from a variety of topics relating to the fundamental study and application of thermal spray technology and to highlight the most recent advances in all related subjects. We encourage the submissions of original research articles and review papers on this subject. Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

    ·HOVF, plasma spray, flame spray, wire arc spray, suspension thermal spray, Solution precursor plasma spray, cold spray and other Additive Manufacturing

    ·Powder technology

    ·Gas flow, particle motion, and heat transfer

    ·Stress and strain analysis

    ·Coating deposition mechanism

    ·Single particle deposition and solidification upon impact

    ·Coating mechanical and thermal properties

    ·Coating microstructures and phase transformation

    ·Functional coatings

    ·Torch design and optimization

    ·New thermal spray technology

    ·Robotic programming and kinematic analysis

    ·Torch trajectory definition and optimization

    ·Novel applications of thermal spray coating

    ·Mathematical and theoretical analysis on related subjects

    ·Finite Element Analysis on related subjects

    ·Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling on related subjects

    The Benefits of Publishing In JTSE Include:

    • Fast, Fair, Rigorous And Constructive Refereeing Process
    • Rapid Publication Times—Now Averaging Just 3 Months Or Less From Submission To Online Publication
    • Electronic Submission: Available
    • Dedicated And Internationally Recognizing Publishing Team
    • High International Visibility
    • All Published Articles Available Free Online
    • Free Colour In Electronic Version
    • Multimedia Enhancements, Such As Computer Simulations Or Video Clips, Can Be Added To Your Online Article.
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